The need for Independent News grows in urgency

Posted on June 6, 2017

Most would agree that the standard and accuracy of independent news as reported by the corporate giants has disintegrated over recent years.

It was not that long ago that we looked to the news media of day for updates on local and world affairs, absorbing each offering without question, unfiltered and believing it to be the truth. We may or may not have been receiving timely reports but we believed in and trusted the media outlets to provide unbiased informative portrayals of the truth.

This is not the case today.

Increasingly news sources and reporters’ works are being editorialised to meet owner’s biases.  The budgets of media companies are being slashed to maximise profits, forcing journalists to report on events based upon other media outlets news presentations.  Governments no longer believe in equality of distribution preferring to selectively brief preferred media sources, forcing other sources to rely upon rumours and fears. In short the concentration of media ownership, modern economics perversion of journalistic techniques and integrity combined with institutional political bias are restricting the availability, distribution and accuracy of reported events.

If you accept that even a small portion of my assertions to be correct, you are recognising the need to correct this corruption of news presentation. In so doing you are acknowledging the need for new local independent news sources. Independent journalists who can report on events and can be heard first hand across the globe. Thereby providing plain non-editorialised news to empower each reader to consider, absorb and react to without censorship. offers Independence! was founded to assist independent musicians and small business achieve in their own time, in their own way and to do so without external influence.

Without external influence… that is without having to sell out to larger economic concerns and without having to surrender basic freedoms. Freedoms like the ability to have access to news… financial, political or social information upon which to make personal and business decisions in accordance with their own ethics and beliefs. In the absence of such information NewTribeZ has announced its initiative to provide access for independent news sources to be distributed.

Signup to and follow “Independent News on NewTribeZ” (INON) to find out how to gain access to and/or submit details for distribution; by the way NewTribeZ is FREE to join and use.

Greg C. Gibson Author, Developer, Consultant

Greg C. Gibson Author, Developer, Consultant

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