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Posted on November 11, 2016

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Much is being written on social media of the surprise at the results of the US Presidential election. A result very few had seriously considered due to the overwhelming barge of information provided by corporate media blinding most of us to depth of feeling and desire for change.

The reactions to the result have highlighted our collective need for independent media sources. Clearly the wall of information provided by Corporate media services and pollsters missed picking up on the mood of the electorate and in so doing illustrating the need for independent sources to provide balance and “real” world insight into the events of the day. If we are to make informed decisions and to be part of the governmental processes then the growth of non-vested interest media sources and platforms for the distribution of genuine independent thought are essential.

NewTribeZ has over the last six plus years been developing promotional and display functions to assist independent musicians and businesses compete but these same facilities are available for use by other informative media distribution purposes. We encourage all interested parties to spread the word that NewTribeZ ( ) offers an independent opportunity to assist promote and preserve independent art, business and creativity.

NewTribeZ was founded on non-discriminatory philosophy with the aim of empowering independent musicians and small business to achieve on their terms and to do so without corporate interference. Given NewTribeZ and it’s radio stream are FREE to join and use it will only take a few moments of your time to signup and explore an independent opportunities offered. Interested then follow the link to signup and join other independent thinkers like you. We hope to see you on site soon.

Peace and Goodwill to all.

Greg C Gibson

Greg C Gibson

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