Posted on July 7, 2010
Greg C Gibson - Freelance author, consultant, developer and Director

Greg C Gibson – Freelance author, consultant, developer and Director

Greg C. Gibson – A Brief History

Greg’s higher education achievements have been aptly augmented with national and international experience providing both theoretical and real-world, hands-on experience.

Commencing his own businesses at the inception of the personal computer era he quickly expanded his operations nationally and then internationally. Greg has been involved in all facets of the (Information Technology) IT industry, from the vision, conceptualisation, design, prototyping, creation, bench testing, implementation, sales and ongoing customer service over a prolonged.

Greg was the conceptual originator, system designer and author of what was to evolve into the Enterprise Software range. With 172 individual integrated multi user modules his software packages were recognised as the “world’s largest range of industry specific and bookkeeping packages” in 1992 by Byte Magazine. At that time he was also recognised by Byte as the “world’s most prolific software author” for his efforts in conceiving and writing the modules.

IT Pioneer

During this time he was amongst the pioneers of data warehousing and data mining techniques which lead him to be recognised by various institutions with short lecturing tenures and consulting appointments to various government bodies.

Well before his time Greg was involved with the emergence of the both the personal computer industry and the Internet. Hospital environmental control systems were pioneered by one of his firms in the late 1980s. He pioneered shopping and real-estate portals on the Internet in the late 1990s. He has by thinking “outside the box” utilised and developed emerging technologies to establish and maintain national and international development, distribution, sales and support activities.

Such interests enabled Greg to work in over 15 countries and in the process allowed him to meet, work with and compete against many of the great personalities associated with the computer industry over the last 29 years.

Greg Gibson All things in Moderation

Greg Gibson All things in Moderation

Today while branded by some as a “dinosaur” his innovative developments continue to set new standards and to refine trends into more practical and economical solutions. Now content to remain behind the sense his development, consulting and writing continues and he looks forward to sharing his insights into current developments and trends from a holistic and unbiased position.

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Freelance author, consultant and developer

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