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Posted on June 6, 2017

Throughout my life I have tried to be ethical, professional and loyal and most of all to keep my own council preferring to support and to empower those around me. My belief in team building and shared rewards combined with my desire to minimise confrontation and exploitation has led me to be construed by some adversaries as weak and lacking determination. This is not the case!

It is simply that the filth and lies associated with the “pond scum” that masquerade as leaders in today’s economy and politics are creating a world that is increasingly unjust, uncaring and unethical and for me the world deserves better. I will not be drawn into their petty recriminations preferring to seek out those who desire peace, love and unity.

It is that desire which lead me to build NewTribeZ A FREE online community that I hope, with your support, can be the catalyst for a more positive journey through life.

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Greg C. Gibson

Greg C. Gibson Author, Developer, Consultant

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